Ascend ID – Two Factor Authentication

Ascend ID – Two Factor Authentication.


Ascend ID – Two Factor Authentication

Ascend ID

Ascend ID services provided by network security consultants acenseo

How can you protect your organization’s confidential information and vital infrastructure from malicious intruders, yet enable authorised users to access all the resources they need?
Ascend ID is a comprehensive identity management service providing a flexible, user-friendly authentication solution.

Security challenge

With the increasing necessity for remote working and the proliferation of mobile devices, there is a vital need to satisfy stakeholders regarding the security of the internal and external IT systems. Within this overall challenge comes the need for the organisations to satisfy compliance criteria, and provide secure alternatives to static passwords, while reducing the spiralling volume of support calls for password resets, and the associated costs and reduction in user productivity.

It is also imperative to remove the risk of written down, easily lost, forgotten or stolen passwords, and allow organisations to legally link user access to an individual.

Ascend ID meets the requirement for a cost-effective authentication solution controlling access to your information assets and infrastructure.

Cloud solution

As a cloud solution, Ascend ID delivers all the benefits of secure remote access without the major capital investment or human resources required to set up and runn your own resilient, in-house identity management service.

This flexible, user friendly service provide one time passwords via vasco’s entire suite of award winning software, hardware, sms, PDA and mobile phone tokens. The service can be tailored to each clients’ requirement, whatever the size and demand of the user base. Furthermore, Ascend-ID allows businesses to plan for adverse weather conditions, pandemics or other business challenges witha complete portfolio of business continuity options that ensure your users can always securely access corporate resources.

With this additional layer of security you can have confidence that local and remote connections to your network are secure, and even attempted access via lost handheld devices and laptops is protected.

Service features

  • One-time passwords active for just 30 seconds, eliminating phishing attacks.
  • Removes static, lost or stolen passwords and excessive help desk calls.
  • Cloud service within a distibuted and resilient infrastructure.
  • Real-time service administration, management and comprehensive reporting via the secure portal.
  • Flexibility to protect every access point including web servers/portals, VPNs, wireless network and mobile devices.
  • Manned support centre providing technical response and resolution 24×7, 365days a year.
  • Cost-effective hosted and tailored solution which rivals that of running an in-house service.
  • Flexible service inclusions and contract lengths.
  • SLA backed service.
  • Live service evaluations available, enabling power users and senior IT staff to prove the concept fully, before making an investment.
  • Strong authentication options from the world’s leading secure authentication player, Vasco. All come with full warranty and an unrivalled 7-year battery life as standard.

Market-leading technology

Since 2006, Ascend ID has been developed by Acenseo, in conjunction with Vasco’s world-leading strong authentication and e-Signature solutions, specializing in online accounts, identities, and transactions.

As a dominant force within the financial sector, Vasco technologies secure sensitive information and transactions for the enterprise security, e-commerce, and e-government industries.

Acenseo – leading secure systems integrator

As the sole authorised provider of hosted identity management based around Vasco technology, Acenseo offer unique solutions that seamlessly integrate with your current secure access and overall perimeter security strategy.

With over a decade of experience in the demanding and constantly changing network security market, Acenseo offer a powerful combination of foresight, expertise, flexibilty and creativity, allowing organisations to focus on simply doing business.

Our consultative personal approach begins with listening to you and examining your challenges and drivers before we present and align the most appropriate solution. This enables businesses to understand the bigger picture, make informed decisions on the development and evolution of their secure IT infrastructure, and satisfy their technology, integration, carbon footprint and financial demands.

Our reputation for excellence in delivery best practices and proven methodologies is supported by continual research and investment in infrastructure, and our commitment to simplifying the network and minimising clients’ IT risk.

Ascend ID is a part of the Ascend services portfolio which include Ascen TRAIN, Ascend SUPPORT, Ascend MANAGE, Ascend CONSULT.

Acenseo’s expertise and manned service desk is based at our UK HQ and Training centre in Berkshire, with our distributed and resilient infrastructure housed within two UK tier 1 data centres. There facilities enable us to provide you with an unequalled 99.999% service availability, and you benifit from a reduced risk of unauthorised access to critical servers and data on your own premises.

Further information on our services is available from our marketing team on 0118 979 0000 or email us at

Acenseo Ltd

Tel: +44 (0)118 979 0000
Fax: +44 (0)118 940 6327
Acenseo Ltd, Hare Hatch Grange, Bath Road, Hare Hatch, Berkshire, RG10 9SA

Acenseo Secure systems integration
Ascend ID services provided by the network security consultants Ascenseo

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

two factor authentication
    Can guarantee to SAVE YOU MONEY…
Regardless of whether you already have a two factor authentication solution, or you’re looking to add this essential security layer as an alternative to passwords for the first time.


Ascend ID (per user)
1 Year Service Fee


Ascend ID (per user)
Vasco Tokens

55 £36.00 55 £15.00
205 £24.00 205 £12.50
505 £18.00 505 £10.00
1005 £15.00 1005 £7.50
  • Mature, cloud two factor authentication services – flexible options which integrate seamlessly with your current remote access strategy.
  • Reduce costs – cost per user service, which removes the need for resilient hardware, OS, authentication vendor licensing, ongoing maintenance, rack space, power, and suitably skilled staff to implement, administrate, maintain and support an in-house solution.
  • Tailored Contracts – cost per user, per year for token and token-less authentication options that meet your technical and procurement demands, and budget constraints.
  • Security and compliance – compliments and enhances your current security strategy and compliance demands.

A Vasco in house solution will cost 3 times more than the Ascend ID service. An RSA in house solution will cost 4 times more than the Ascend ID service.
*Both scenarios are only based on the equivalent purchase of either Vasco or RSA tokens, licensing and annual maintenance.

two factor authentication

Guaranteed buy back –

If you have a current solution in
place we´ll credit the balance of
the remaining annual vendor
maintenance, against the new
Ascend ID service purchase.

Click on the icons below to test drive the live service, learn more, and find out how you can genuinely save money.
two factor authentication two factor authentication two factor authentication two factor authentication two factor authentication
two factor authentication
Acenseo Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)118 979 0000, Fax: +44 (0)118 940 6327
Acenseo Ltd, Hare Hatch Grange, Bath Road, Berkshire, RG10 9SA
two factor authentication
two factor authentication

Becrypt Trusted Client


 Becrypt Trusted Client
  Secure the access point and flexible working becomes a reality!

Acenseo is the leading network security services consultants in UK

Providing Flexible Working Practices


Enabling employees to have greater flexibility with regard to their place of work is becoming increasingly important for both public sector bodies and their counterparts within the commercial marketplace.

  Employee Benefits


The benefits employees enjoy as a result are the subject of continuing research and assessment. Improved staff morale features highly in all such studies. Employees are able to settle upon a much more rewarding and less stressful work/life balance, and evidence suggests that employee production improves as a result. Good staff morale is then, of course, a key contributor towards higher rates of staff retention.


  Organisational Benefits


The organisation itself also stands to benefit considerably from such an arrangement. Enabling employees to work from home, for example, means less cars on the road and lowered CO2 emissions. In addition, once the provision of remote working is set up and enabled, a proven means of maintaining work and services already exists in the event of an emergency situation, brought on, for example, by a severe bout of bad weather.

Unlocking the Property Potential

Perhaps the biggest potential, however, relates to property portfolios and associated footprint. By allowing staff to enjoy greater flexibility with regard to their workplace choices, organisations are able to contemplate a reduction in current office space needs.

Today You Can!

For public sector bodies, in particular, the security threats associated with ‘unmanaged’ personal home computers coming into contact with Government networks and data has traditionally prevented the benefits of remote working to be assessed to its true potential.

Whilst the provision of ‘managed’ laptops to some employees is a viable business proposition to counter the fact that home PCs may not be used, this is generally considered too expensive an option for all employees.

Trusted Client solves both issues. Trusted Client Bootable enables home PCs to access central data and networks in a secure manner whilst Trusted Client Portable provides a very low cost and secure alternative to a fully loaded PC.


  The Trusted Client Product


“Beautifully implemented, this is a product as sophisticated as it is simple.” – Techworld


Trusted Client is Becrypt’s innovative answer to the IT Manager’s dilemma: how to provide secure remote access at a low cost. Trusted Client can transform an unmanaged machine, such as a home PC, into a secure remote access point.


Trusted Client is a self contained encrypted environment that allows employees to connect to an organisation’s network and data whilst preventing data loss and leakage. This secure isolated environment provides access to a corporation’s existing VPN infrastructure as well as backend applications such as Windows desktops and Microsoft applications.


Trusted Client is fully configurable to each organisation’s individual requirements and works with your existing corporate environment with little to no modification to existing systems – this is achieved through support for multiple third party remote access technologies.


Trusted Client can also be used in Business Continuity scenarios, making it an invaluable tool that supports and enforces a comprehensive Information Assurance strategy.


Acenseo is the leading network security consultants in UK


Trusted Client Bootable


Secure access from an ‘unmanaged’ home PC


The operating system is loaded onto a USB flash drive, which can then be used to boot the user’s Home PC/laptop (which cannot be trusted). This provides a segregated operating environment within an unmanaged end point device, whilst isolating any malware threats that may be resident on the hard drive. With Trusted Client Bootable, staff no longer need corporate laptops for home or occasional remote working; instead they can be issued with an inexpensive bootable USB stick, which is secure and easier to carry. This can provide cost savings in hardware as well as support, while increasing a user’s flexibility.



Acenseo is the leading network security consultancy in UK


Trusted Client Portable


Secure, low cost access from a managed device.


The operating system is pre-loaded onto the hard drive of a designated machine, providing an organisation with a mechanism to convert standard Laptops or Netbooks into a low-cost mobile computing solution. This secure platform avoids the significant cost of full operating systems, applications, ongoing operational support and management. The small footprint and specifications needed by Trusted Client Portable mean you can also re-purpose existing equipment that may not be capable of running the latest Operating Systems available.


Under CESG guidelines, Trusted Client Portable is classified as a managed device.



  • Secure remote network access enables users to work safely from any unmanaged PC
  • Working environment is totally isolated from the host machine
  • Encrypted operating system and encrypted data storage – data saved to Trusted Client is automatically encrypted
  • Strong authentication combined with 256 bit AES encryption
  • Based on Open Source software and loaded on an off-the-shelf USB flash drive
  • Out of the Box integration with standard browsers, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services
  • Fully configurable with easy inclusion of additional plug-in applications
  • Central Management facilities for device deployment and repudiation



  • Flexible and mobile working capabilities to provide better service to customers, and better work/life balance for users
  • Absolutely no transference of data, which significantly reduces the risk of data loss or data leakage
  • Device and any data saved securely protected from unauthorised access
  • Government grade security options make Trusted Client suitable for protecting virtually any commercial information
  • Extremely cost effective solution with low hardware costs (particularly when compared with alternatives like laptops or PDAs), and no additional license fees for the operating system
  • Familiar look and feel boosts user acceptance, reduces training overheads and start up time giving fast access
  • Highly configurable to meet the business requirements of each individual organisation
  • Low operational overheads and the ability to ‘kill’ a Trusted Client device remotely should the user’s rights be revoked

How it works?

Trusted Client has been designed with a modular approach, to allow third party components to be built into the environment. It may be configured to include only pre-specified applications, and to restrict the user to approved IP destinations, ports, and protocols, such as the corporate intranet, its virtual private network (VPN) or to specific hosts. Once the configuration of Trusted Client has been decided, a single install file is created allowing the organisation to quickly and securely build devices that are unique to its needs.

Acenseo is the leading network security consultants in UK


Further information on Becrypt Products and Services is available from our marketing team on 0118 979 0000 or email us at