Improve Your Service and Save Your Money With Cloud Authentication

Internet is a major growth driver for businesses these days. Any business can not do without the Internet. Although, it has made many jobs convenient, easier and quick but it comes with a fear of hackers who can access the confidential information by dodging the security system. Today, various organizations in all verticals are revising their data storage and record management systems in a bid to offer remote access to information across the Internet. When all your information is openly accessible it is highly that it should be secured. But at times, the general security methods like usernames and passwords become weak are inadequate to protect against malicious software, fraud attacks etc.

A secured, strong and cost-effective solution is need of the hour today so as to protect the reliability and privacy of information. There are many cloud authentication techniques used to secure your remote and mobile access without the high investment or human resources. One of such strong method is two factor authentication solution which is considered as the best technique to contend with the increasing amount of fraud attacks. This authentication process you ensure you that your information is free from intrusion and is also safe from the threat of identity theft, hackers and fraud.

Why to use two factor authentication solutions?

Two factor authentication solutions are the best option for you if you are looking for security software that protects your database. Businesses in any vertical can reap benefits from the solution as it requires both you and your employees to enter two forms of identification before computer data can be accessed. Hence, any unauthorized user trying to access your data can get through with one factor of authorization, but they will definitely not come through the second factor of authentication to access the protected information.

Various big organizations using two factor authentication solutions so as to secure private database of both themselves and their customers, like Bank of America, Google, Yahoo!, Paypal, eBay, AT&T Wireless etc.


Safe Clouds Start with a Fullymanaged Authentication Service

Technology has changed the way the world conducts business. The changes are both positive and negative thus the need for fully managed authentication service. For your business ideas and company files to be in the right hands all the time, you need a team that will tackle any security issue head on. You need a team or person that will lower the risks and tighten the security because your company depends on it.

Delivery and experience

Do not just go for any fish in the pond. It is important that you hire the services of a firm which has qualified personnel. Company secrets are not for everybody so ensure that whoever is in charge of ensuring that nothing is hacked are themselves not hackers. Experience in managed 2 factor authentication is the primary factor. Get a person who has it even if they are working for the competition as this is an indication that they are the best.

How much

There is a reason why you did not employ an in house team to provide fully managed authentication servicefor the company. You avoided that because you want to save some money. Now this should be at the back of your mind while still seeking whom to hire. They should provide services at a reasonable amount.

Have some support

The firm providing you with managed 2 factor authentication should be more proactive than reactive. This is only possible if they offer you support daily any time. If they are not available all the time then they can have a self-support service on the web that clients can use to resolve any emergencies immediately and fast. Setting up should take a few days and this is great compared to several months of setting up an in house team. Your business ideas cannot end up on a milk carton but even in the cloud you need someone to keep the storms away therefore choose wisely.

Fully Managed Authentication Services – Secure Your Sensitive Information

Despite the fact that many business are posed with a security challenge trying to ensure that their site’s information is well protected while still allowing their users to have an easy access to the variety of information in the site, having fully managed authentication services installed in your site will allow you to have a perfect solution to your challenge. Since most  users today have the ability to work independently  through the corporate network, having your site authenticated through quality a cloud computing software will allow your users to have access to the data every time at and at any place.

Cost savings

One of the major benefits of having your site secured via managed 2 factor authentication software is the cost benefits realized by the business. First, you do not have to waste a lot of your time and resources recruiting or hiring a large workforce to take care of all the sensitive information in your site. Second, you can now concentrate on other key areas of your business that will be more profitable to your organization.

Simplicity and manageability

Using fully managed authentication services for your site allows you and all you’re authorized to have an easy time when accessing the site. A tokenless multi-factor authentication allows you and your users to have a platform where they can choose how they want to deliver their authentication services. Whether you are looking for a phone factor authentication   where you have your authentication an SMS text message or other fully managed cloud authentication, Acenseo will have it done for you.



There is a wide range of applications managed 2 factor authentication that your business organization can consider choosing from. If you are text message friendly, you can consider choosing the complimentary SMS based authentications where you will have your entire authentication don through a SMS text message. Soft token applications are also available with the company.

Hosted 2 Factor Authentication – Choose The Right Company

The rapid changes in technology have made many organizations to have challenges with providing security to their site.  In addition, with the changing demands of an organization’s workforce and the constantly shifting compliance standards, it becomes for point products resolve the issue perfectly. It is advisable that you engage a reputable company which is hosted 2 factor authentication services. A good authentication company such as Acenseo will resolve your security challenges by applying the right mix of technology and services. This will not only allow your information assets o remain secure but will also reduce cost and other severe business risks. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing your authentication company.

Level of expertise

Look for a company that has highly qualified technical specialist and consultants who will work well to reduce the risks within your organization. Consider engaging whose clients can be trusted to provide you with a consistent business value while still retaining independence. Over 60 % of Acenseo employees are qualified technical who will offer you quality tokenlesstwo factor authentication services. The workers are committed to see that the security challenges of your organization are resolved well.


You certainly do not want to risk the information assets in your site. It is therefore, important that you look for a company whose technical specialists are hosted 2 factor authentication. Acenseo is qualified and accredited by many leading technological vendors for their continued assistance in offering security solutions to complex challenging situations. Most of the employees are highly qualified and experienced enough to ensure that the security of your site is not compromised.


Choose a company that is tokenless two factor authentication at very affordable prices.  This will allow you to save much on the costs that you would have otherwise spent in having the human resources department look into the case. With Acenseo consultants and technical, you can confidently concentrate on other key area of your business and let them manage your security issues.