Critical Issues with Two factor Mobile Authentication that Will Determine Your Choice of Provider

A secure 2 factor authentication service has security as its main objective. However, security is not always the only objective. Some providers specialize in making companies in the health and other critical sectors comply with regulations. Some of these companies are only interested in compliance only.

Security and Compliance

The problem is that some of the providers are so used to serving such clients that they forget that a secure 2 factor authentication service should also provide security. Organizations seeking to secure their sensitive information as well as transactions should check to see if the kind of system the providers will implement is suitable for them.

The Mobile Phone Factor

Another myth is that two factor authentication (2FA) services are all the same, with minor difference between them. This used to be the case before the proliferation of mobile phones world wide. The token systems used for 2FA then were less varied than they are now.

The current two factor authentication mobile systems have added an almost infinite number of possibilities that can be used to provide a stronger security system. The options vary from mobile apps for Android and IOS, text messaging system and fixed line verification systems.

Availability of Devices

The different systems may not be suitable for you situation. In fact, if you pick the wrong system you may discourage the user to use the 2FA, further compromising the security of the system. Mobile apps for smart phones are the best if they are designed properly, however not everyone can use them or has the required device.

Two factor authentication mobile systems for text messaging may be a more appropriate option where people have different types of devices. It may prevent users from abandoning the process and compromising security. It is therefore important to do an analysis before choosing the type of authentication process to implement.



What Makes a Strong SMS 2 Factor Authentication

In the past two years or so, the cloud authentication service has blown up. Big online companies like Google, Twitter and even Facebook have offered this extra layer of security to help its users feel more secure. Even though these two levels of authentication have been around since the late 90s, there is a reason why it became popular in the last two years.

The SMS Factor

SMS 2 factor authentication became popular because more people own a mobile phone now more than ever. Mobile phones have become ubiquitous both in the developed world and in the third world. However, there is a difference between a strong secure system and one that is not.

A strong cloud authentication system will have a good implementation of a one time password or code. This code ought to expire within a fixed period of time. The code is received through text messaging to the recipient’s mobile phone and he has to respond within a specified period of time before the code expires.

Expiring Codes

The fact that the code expires means that it will not allow hackers time to do a search on codes. The strong cloud authentication system will reject a code that is entered after that period and therefore limits the time that hackers will have to go through different codes.

Code Encryption

For the system to be stronger, the code has to be encrypted. Many hackers will use Trojan horses and other malware to send information to their servers. If the code is not encrypted they will simply have an easy time getting through to the account.

A highly encrypted SMS 2 factor authentication combined with an expiring code, can give a very high level of security to the organization, whether it is a bank or an IT organization. This is one of the most reliable and cost effective systems that is going to define the future of internet security.