The Power of Biometrics as Used in Two Factor Authentication Solutions

Biometrics makes use of parts of the human body to authenticate systems. Two factor authentication solutions use a second factor besides passwords to verify the identity of a user of the system. These two can be used together to provide an even more powerful and easy to implement security system.

Second and Third Factors

It is important to note that the biometrics can be used either as the second factor or the third factor of the system. When used as a 3rd factor, a token may be used in place of as the 2nd factor.

The two factors are sufficient for most small business security applications. Small and medium sized business also needs the system to be simple and unobtrusive, so that people do not have to apply unnecessary effort to access basic resources in the organization.

System Remains Uninterrupted

Hosted two factor authenticated services can either use something you are i.e. biometrics such as finger prints, or something you have; this may include the usual tokens such as smartcards. The main advantage of biometrics as the second factor is that it is difficult to lose it and cannot be stolen unlike the smart cards and mobile phone that are used as security authentication tokens.

The use of finger print and retina scanners has brought down the cost dramatically for companies seeking to use these services. They do not need to buy tokens for every single user of the system. A few biometric readers can save the company a lot of money.

Significant Cost Savings

This also means that the two factor authentication solutions that use these technologies are much easier to deploy. There is also no need to replace stolen cards since people will hardly ever loose their eyes or hands. This leads to cost savings and allows the user’s privileges to use the system without the inconveniences of having to wait for a token to be replaced.

Using hosted two factor authenticated services makes the deployment of the security system even easier to manage. Having a quality cloud solution combined with biometrics increases flexibility of the system and makes it easy to recover in case of downtimes and system failures.