Why Cloud Authentication is the Best System for the Changing Organization

Before cloud computing became common place and a popular way for business organizations to access applications and resources, the network infrastructure worked differently. Network administration was centralized and controlled by an administrator. The infrastructure worked by limiting access to resources through groups.

Change in Infrastructure

Cloud authentication however, has changed how this security systems work. Organizations choose the system because they can outsource the work of maintaining such systems and reduce overheads of maintaining it. The cost of deployment is also one of the things that has led these organizations to choose this security system.

One of the differences with the cloud authentication system, over the traditional in house network infrastructure, is how information and resources are accessed. Unlike the traditional infrastructure, the resources are accessed through the workflow rather than through limiting access to assets.

Access to Resources

The result is that there is greater flexibility while at the same time increasing the security capabilities. This system mirrors the modern workplace, in the information age that we are currently living in. The workplace has changed and given way to a new style of management that is centered on how information is shared.

Currently, management is more horizontal than is vertical. There is less emphasis on the top down approach to authority. The information is managed from where it emerges rather than from always seeking permission and access tough the traditional mode of management.

Changing Workplace

There is therefore need for SMS 2 factor authentication system that can give more power to certain users, so that the information flow is fast. Only this type of infrastructure can adequately support the changing market place. Sticking to the old systems will only lead to inefficiencies.

There are now more remote and temporary workers in the workplace. This means that organizations must accommodate them, ensure their flexibility, while at the same time keeping the security of the organization at its best.

SMS 2 factor authentication can provide a flexible infrastructure that can support them and still maintain security. It is flexible, robust and cross platform, this means it suitable for workplaces seeking uncomplicated systems that are effective.


Security and Control with Hosted Two Factor Authentication Services

Hosted two factor authentication services are meant for improving the levels of security in accessing information from different systems. This service is the best way of curbing the problem of identity thievery which has seen many companies loses very sensitive information. There are several challenges that make it necessary for companies to incorporate this service. These are challenges like mastering of passwords and use of company directories by multiple persons. This does not only minimize the security risks but it is also economical in terms of money and time.


For you to be able to reap true satisfaction in using sms 2 factor authentications the company offering it should be able to provide daily needed support services. There should be a manner of resetting passwords. The other thing to be looked at is the manner in which breach of access is reported, how certificates are to be revoked and the replacement procedure in case anything is damaged. There should not be any backdoors for anyone as this weakens the security system put in place.


With hosted two factor authentication services, one monitoring works for everything else therefore you are able to note what is under utilised, over utilised and what is not being utilised. External users are secure since authentication is delivered in form of mobile texts and emails depending on what they prefer. This enables you to be able to use all the applications you want to depending on the identity given. There are questions that have been asked concerning this method. There are those who believe that a server based authentication system is more secure while others state that the text method is complicated when it comes to use and implementation but looking at figures it is estimated that a high per cent of businesses are going for cloud storage.


For sms 2 factor authentications to be accepted then the users it is intended for should be clearly specified. The hardware and software to be used should also be known. What external and internal user’s access in terms of software and hardware should also be different? This is done to reduce complications that might arise during use.

How the Two Factor Authentication Mobile Tehchnology has Evolved into a More secure System

In the past year or so, the adoption of two factor authentication mobile technology has been rapid. Many organizations in the healthcare, banking sector and even social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have adopted this technology. This is a vote of confidence in the technology and its versatility, which previously was complicated to implement.

New Technology

The introduction of the mobile phone made it possible to get rid of the plastic tokens that were often sent to customers. The solution allowed for faster deployment of the system without the need for an extra token. However, the infrastructure needed improvements for both the smart phone and the ordinary cell phone.

Improved Security

The first step that engineers worked on was a more secure system, which was not vulnerable to DoS or man in the middle attacks. The new systems work on sending the secret code through a different network, such as the GSM network, which makes the system harder for hackers to attack.

Smartphone and SMS Technology

The two factor authentication mobile technology can be implemented though the smart phone. The smart phone provides a higher data capacity than the ordinary phone. An app installed on the phone helps to implement a sophisticated system that is more secure.

The other thing that was done when trying to make the Secure 2 factor authentication service more secure was to implement a onetime SMS code that had a rotational mechanism, which ensured that the codes were not compromised, incase hackers could get their hands on them. Many solutions also back up the codes in case the devices get lost.

As all these improvements are made to the existing Secure 2 factor authentication service, there is the risk of making it cumbersome and complex. A good system should also be easy to use, otherwise users will find be reluctant to adopt it.

How Two Factor Authentication Solutions Enhances Security

Security of data and information has become a much debated topic. There are many organizations who are worried about the security of their data storage and management system. However, they have put the advanced security measures in place. But many of their features such as static user-names and passwords, have become weaker and their are tools available using which they can be easily surpassed. Apart from that, many experts even believe that they are not strong enough to protect the system against malware, phishing and other fraud attacks. It is due to such reasons there is a urgent need of the better equipped and advanced security solutions.

There are many disadvantages of using systems which have static user-names and passwords. The most prominent is that the users easily forget their user-names and passwords. Apart from that, they write it down in some page and then loose or throw it away. This is the reason, it is believed such security systems pose a serious risk or threat. To control it, leading organizations are pushing the research and development agencies to come up with some solution using which the present remote accessing of sensitive information can be made more risk free.

Two factor authentication solutions is a recently introduced security solution, which is being used by many agencies and organizations to counter the growing number of fraud attacks. In this method, identity of the user is authenticated on two different levels. In first level the user has to enter their user-name and password. Once they get through this security wall, a one-time password or key is sent to their mail id or mobile phone. It is only after entering this temporary key, the user can get complete access of their accounts and storage system.

In current times two factor based authentication system is the most preferred security solution measures. The most vital aspect of this security solution is that there is no way, it can be surpassed or broken. Apart from that, the leading research institutes have invested a significant amount on Cloud authentication, which when activated can boost the performance of this security solution.

Safe Clouds Start with a Fullymanaged Authentication Service

Technology has changed the way the world conducts business. The changes are both positive and negative thus the need for fully managed authentication service. For your business ideas and company files to be in the right hands all the time, you need a team that will tackle any security issue head on. You need a team or person that will lower the risks and tighten the security because your company depends on it.

Delivery and experience

Do not just go for any fish in the pond. It is important that you hire the services of a firm which has qualified personnel. Company secrets are not for everybody so ensure that whoever is in charge of ensuring that nothing is hacked are themselves not hackers. Experience in managed 2 factor authentication is the primary factor. Get a person who has it even if they are working for the competition as this is an indication that they are the best.

How much

There is a reason why you did not employ an in house team to provide fully managed authentication servicefor the company. You avoided that because you want to save some money. Now this should be at the back of your mind while still seeking whom to hire. They should provide services at a reasonable amount.

Have some support

The firm providing you with managed 2 factor authentication should be more proactive than reactive. This is only possible if they offer you support daily any time. If they are not available all the time then they can have a self-support service on the web that clients can use to resolve any emergencies immediately and fast. Setting up should take a few days and this is great compared to several months of setting up an in house team. Your business ideas cannot end up on a milk carton but even in the cloud you need someone to keep the storms away therefore choose wisely.

Fully Managed Authentication Services – Secure Your Sensitive Information

Despite the fact that many business are posed with a security challenge trying to ensure that their site’s information is well protected while still allowing their users to have an easy access to the variety of information in the site, having fully managed authentication services installed in your site will allow you to have a perfect solution to your challenge. Since most  users today have the ability to work independently  through the corporate network, having your site authenticated through quality a cloud computing software will allow your users to have access to the data every time at and at any place.

Cost savings

One of the major benefits of having your site secured via managed 2 factor authentication software is the cost benefits realized by the business. First, you do not have to waste a lot of your time and resources recruiting or hiring a large workforce to take care of all the sensitive information in your site. Second, you can now concentrate on other key areas of your business that will be more profitable to your organization.

Simplicity and manageability

Using fully managed authentication services for your site allows you and all you’re authorized to have an easy time when accessing the site. A tokenless multi-factor authentication allows you and your users to have a platform where they can choose how they want to deliver their authentication services. Whether you are looking for a phone factor authentication   where you have your authentication an SMS text message or other fully managed cloud authentication, Acenseo will have it done for you.



There is a wide range of applications managed 2 factor authentication that your business organization can consider choosing from. If you are text message friendly, you can consider choosing the complimentary SMS based authentications where you will have your entire authentication don through a SMS text message. Soft token applications are also available with the company.

Two Factor Authentication Solutions – Let Your Site Remain Secure

Having two factor authentication solutions in your site may be one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure that your site remains secure while still allowing all you users to gain access to information anywhere and at any time. If you are faced with a security challenge of securing or your information assets or you just want to replace the old static passwords, then you would better contact an authentication expert .Acenseo will install strong security software that will ensure that your site is always secure.


If you are prefer using a special SMS authentication from Acenseo, there will be a phone factor expert to ensure that your site is safe from unauthorizedaccess. All you will have to do is to provide you mobile phone number. A onetime set pass code will be sent to your phone through a text message. In order to authenticate the site, you will have to reply with a given password. The good thing with the use of a phone to factor authentication is the flexibility. You can easily access your siteanywhere at any time.  You can consider adding another layer of security by adding another different personal identification number. This will require you to always enter the PIN before replying the authentication.
Emergency alerts

With mobile phone two factor authentication solutions, you can always alert the IT department in case an attacker tries to login to your account or even tries to withdraw funds from the account. The system works by sending you an instant alert message that notifies you about the attack. All you have to is reply to the message to the IT department notifying them about the attempted attack.

Support for transaction verification

Another good part about SMS authentication is the provided support for transaction verification. This means that cannot still complete a transaction without the user’s explicit approval.