The Power of Biometrics as Used in Two Factor Authentication Solutions

Biometrics makes use of parts of the human body to authenticate systems. Two factor authentication solutions use a second factor besides passwords to verify the identity of a user of the system. These two can be used together to provide an even more powerful and easy to implement security system.

Second and Third Factors

It is important to note that the biometrics can be used either as the second factor or the third factor of the system. When used as a 3rd factor, a token may be used in place of as the 2nd factor.

The two factors are sufficient for most small business security applications. Small and medium sized business also needs the system to be simple and unobtrusive, so that people do not have to apply unnecessary effort to access basic resources in the organization.

System Remains Uninterrupted

Hosted two factor authenticated services can either use something you are i.e. biometrics such as finger prints, or something you have; this may include the usual tokens such as smartcards. The main advantage of biometrics as the second factor is that it is difficult to lose it and cannot be stolen unlike the smart cards and mobile phone that are used as security authentication tokens.

The use of finger print and retina scanners has brought down the cost dramatically for companies seeking to use these services. They do not need to buy tokens for every single user of the system. A few biometric readers can save the company a lot of money.

Significant Cost Savings

This also means that the two factor authentication solutions that use these technologies are much easier to deploy. There is also no need to replace stolen cards since people will hardly ever loose their eyes or hands. This leads to cost savings and allows the user’s privileges to use the system without the inconveniences of having to wait for a token to be replaced.

Using hosted two factor authenticated services makes the deployment of the security system even easier to manage. Having a quality cloud solution combined with biometrics increases flexibility of the system and makes it easy to recover in case of downtimes and system failures.


Why Cloud Authentication is the Best System for the Changing Organization

Before cloud computing became common place and a popular way for business organizations to access applications and resources, the network infrastructure worked differently. Network administration was centralized and controlled by an administrator. The infrastructure worked by limiting access to resources through groups.

Change in Infrastructure

Cloud authentication however, has changed how this security systems work. Organizations choose the system because they can outsource the work of maintaining such systems and reduce overheads of maintaining it. The cost of deployment is also one of the things that has led these organizations to choose this security system.

One of the differences with the cloud authentication system, over the traditional in house network infrastructure, is how information and resources are accessed. Unlike the traditional infrastructure, the resources are accessed through the workflow rather than through limiting access to assets.

Access to Resources

The result is that there is greater flexibility while at the same time increasing the security capabilities. This system mirrors the modern workplace, in the information age that we are currently living in. The workplace has changed and given way to a new style of management that is centered on how information is shared.

Currently, management is more horizontal than is vertical. There is less emphasis on the top down approach to authority. The information is managed from where it emerges rather than from always seeking permission and access tough the traditional mode of management.

Changing Workplace

There is therefore need for SMS 2 factor authentication system that can give more power to certain users, so that the information flow is fast. Only this type of infrastructure can adequately support the changing market place. Sticking to the old systems will only lead to inefficiencies.

There are now more remote and temporary workers in the workplace. This means that organizations must accommodate them, ensure their flexibility, while at the same time keeping the security of the organization at its best.

SMS 2 factor authentication can provide a flexible infrastructure that can support them and still maintain security. It is flexible, robust and cross platform, this means it suitable for workplaces seeking uncomplicated systems that are effective.

Benefits of USSD when used as a Solution for Two factor Authentication for Mobile

A lot has been said about mobile phone applications and their benefits, but one platform that has often been ignored is the USSD. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a standard used on all GSM networks to provide important services to mobile network subscribers. They have several key benefits when used for two factor authentication for mobile.

Adding Layers of Security

One of the key benefits with this system is the added layer of security it can provide. It has been used for mobile payments and to help complete bank transaction through a mobile device. In order to provide secure 2 factor authentication service a one time password is provided through this system.

The USSD works mainly through codes and is an instant service. The subscriber requests a service and it provides a response instantaneously. For 2FA applications a secure password that expires in 30 seconds is sent. In case the password is not entered on time, it becomes invalid. This works better with USSD than with SMS/Text due to the instantaneous nature of the former.

Works on All Platforms

Another unique benefit of USSD when used for secure 2 factor authentication service is that it is cross platform. It can work on virtually any phone whether a Smartphone or the most primitive of mobile phones in the market.

There is no need to install any new software and all that is required is for the subscriber to use an easy to remember 3 or 4 digit number. This means that it is user friendly and can be used with little or no instruction.

Fast and Inexpensive Deployment

USSD is also perfect for two factor authentication for mobile, particularly when the speed of deployment is an issue. This is the fastest and cost effective method, particularly if the speed with which users learn the new system is also put into consideration.

Secure Your Online Data with Cloud Authentication

Transferring data on cloud services will dramatically decrease your overhead expenses so why aren’t more companies migrating to this platform? One of the major considerations of cloud is the security aspect. Not too many corporations are willing to risk compromising important data by storing them online. The cautiousness is warranted because of the amount of stolen data over the years. With that said, the technology in securing your data has increased exponentially, with cloud authentication service for example.

What is cloud authentication?

Cloud authentication is a security service offered by third party vendor to address threats that are focused on your cloud-based apps. You might have already availed of this service without realizing it like, for instance, when you are enrolling or transacting through online banking. The beauty of this technology is that it allows authorized users to easily access your account.

Additional security layer

The authentication process involves multi-factor authentication solution for better security. The common layer used is in this case is the 2 Factor Authentication. This is a firewall that requires two or more factors.  

The first prompt is a question only the user knows such as the password or PIN, second is something that only the user has such as mobile phone or ATM card and third is something that only the user is such as the fingerprint, for example. With the increased use of mobile phones, there’s also the SMS 2 Factor Authentication to secure mobile data.

No additional infrastructure

When you avail of cloud authentication service, you don’t have to spend for additional infrastructure as the third-party vendor already has that in place. That means no additional costs incurred on your part. And because the technology is already there, adopting it for your own system is seamless and you don’t have to miss any time on your work operations.

How to Ensure the SMS 2 Factor Authentication is Adopted and Accepted by its Users

If you are dealing with sensitive information in your organization, then implementing a secure 2 factor authentication system is one of the steps you ought to take. Passwords are hardly effective on their own, as users often pick passwords that are vulnerable to dictionary attacks. Implementing this system may prove challenging when it comes to adoption by its users.

Consider the User’s Attitude

One of the problems you may encounter is the transition to a system that requires keying in information. Many users may already be used to either logging the system without keying in passwords or only adding one or two digits into a text box.

The infrastructure used for this form of cloud authentication can be implemented in several ways. One way is to require that the 2FA be only applied for remote workers. Remote workers provide a higher level of risk and are vulnerable to all manner of attacks, though the organizations wireless system.

Limiting its Application

The system may also be implemented by requiring that only the most vulnerable groups such as remote workers and people using the Virtual Private Networks be required to use this form of authentication. The workers on site should however be screened as they go from one room to another.

More Possibilities

SMS provide an out of network secure channel for delivering the codes. However, the Smartphone provides more possibilities than SMS 2 Factor authentication, particularly if you are looking to enable the users to avoid keying in a lot of information. Image codes may be entered though simply touching the screen.

 How well the system is adopted by the user will depend mainly on its design, against what the user is used to. A good system should not burden the user with codes, particularly if the resources they are trying to access are not vulnerable to attacks. Therefore the key to the adoption of the cloud authentication system lies in its design.

Hosted Authentication Services – Leave Your Security Challenges to Experts

With the rapid changes in technology, it is advisable that you look for a reputable company that offers hosted authentication services. This will allow you to a have an easy time when ensuring that the security of your site’s information is well protected. Do not forget to put a few factors into consideration when hiring your authentication. Look for some major factors such the level of expertise, cost, technology, experience and accredation of the company. These among other factors will allow you to choose the right company to offer you quality authentication services. Here are some of the major benefits that you leap when you hire Acenseo to offer authentication services for your organization.

Level of expertise

When looking for a company 2 factor authentication for your sit, it is always advisable that you deal with a company that has the right level of expertise. Acenseo is a perfectexample of such a company. Over 60 %of the employee in the company are highly trained an experienced to offer quality authentication services that will ensure that the information assets of your site is secure. The experts are well trained to offer you to end to end services that will cover all aspects of information security ranging from the initial scoping, policy planning, implementation, management a high level customer service.


Though cost is not a major factor to consider when choosing an authentication company, Acenseo will offer you quality hosted authentication services at a very affordable price. You do not have to waste time and resources hiring or recruiting new members in your human resources, consider leaving all the security challenges of your site to the experts while you concentrate on other key areas of your business.

Customer care

If you are looking for a reputable authentication company hosted 2 factor authentication services while still offering a high level of customer care, Acenseo will not miss its place at the top of the list. Apart from the 24/7 support management, the staff will always treat you with a lot of respect and respond to your calls quickly.

Two Factor Authentication Solutions – Let Your Site Remain Secure

Having two factor authentication solutions in your site may be one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure that your site remains secure while still allowing all you users to gain access to information anywhere and at any time. If you are faced with a security challenge of securing or your information assets or you just want to replace the old static passwords, then you would better contact an authentication expert .Acenseo will install strong security software that will ensure that your site is always secure.


If you are prefer using a special SMS authentication from Acenseo, there will be a phone factor expert to ensure that your site is safe from unauthorizedaccess. All you will have to do is to provide you mobile phone number. A onetime set pass code will be sent to your phone through a text message. In order to authenticate the site, you will have to reply with a given password. The good thing with the use of a phone to factor authentication is the flexibility. You can easily access your siteanywhere at any time.  You can consider adding another layer of security by adding another different personal identification number. This will require you to always enter the PIN before replying the authentication.
Emergency alerts

With mobile phone two factor authentication solutions, you can always alert the IT department in case an attacker tries to login to your account or even tries to withdraw funds from the account. The system works by sending you an instant alert message that notifies you about the attack. All you have to is reply to the message to the IT department notifying them about the attempted attack.

Support for transaction verification

Another good part about SMS authentication is the provided support for transaction verification. This means that cannot still complete a transaction without the user’s explicit approval.