Benefits of USSD when used as a Solution for Two factor Authentication for Mobile

A lot has been said about mobile phone applications and their benefits, but one platform that has often been ignored is the USSD. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a standard used on all GSM networks to provide important services to mobile network subscribers. They have several key benefits when used for two factor authentication for mobile.

Adding Layers of Security

One of the key benefits with this system is the added layer of security it can provide. It has been used for mobile payments and to help complete bank transaction through a mobile device. In order to provide secure 2 factor authentication service a one time password is provided through this system.

The USSD works mainly through codes and is an instant service. The subscriber requests a service and it provides a response instantaneously. For 2FA applications a secure password that expires in 30 seconds is sent. In case the password is not entered on time, it becomes invalid. This works better with USSD than with SMS/Text due to the instantaneous nature of the former.

Works on All Platforms

Another unique benefit of USSD when used for secure 2 factor authentication service is that it is cross platform. It can work on virtually any phone whether a Smartphone or the most primitive of mobile phones in the market.

There is no need to install any new software and all that is required is for the subscriber to use an easy to remember 3 or 4 digit number. This means that it is user friendly and can be used with little or no instruction.

Fast and Inexpensive Deployment

USSD is also perfect for two factor authentication for mobile, particularly when the speed of deployment is an issue. This is the fastest and cost effective method, particularly if the speed with which users learn the new system is also put into consideration.


Secure Your Online Data with Cloud Authentication

Transferring data on cloud services will dramatically decrease your overhead expenses so why aren’t more companies migrating to this platform? One of the major considerations of cloud is the security aspect. Not too many corporations are willing to risk compromising important data by storing them online. The cautiousness is warranted because of the amount of stolen data over the years. With that said, the technology in securing your data has increased exponentially, with cloud authentication service for example.

What is cloud authentication?

Cloud authentication is a security service offered by third party vendor to address threats that are focused on your cloud-based apps. You might have already availed of this service without realizing it like, for instance, when you are enrolling or transacting through online banking. The beauty of this technology is that it allows authorized users to easily access your account.

Additional security layer

The authentication process involves multi-factor authentication solution for better security. The common layer used is in this case is the 2 Factor Authentication. This is a firewall that requires two or more factors.  

The first prompt is a question only the user knows such as the password or PIN, second is something that only the user has such as mobile phone or ATM card and third is something that only the user is such as the fingerprint, for example. With the increased use of mobile phones, there’s also the SMS 2 Factor Authentication to secure mobile data.

No additional infrastructure

When you avail of cloud authentication service, you don’t have to spend for additional infrastructure as the third-party vendor already has that in place. That means no additional costs incurred on your part. And because the technology is already there, adopting it for your own system is seamless and you don’t have to miss any time on your work operations.

Multi – Factor Authentication – Enhances The Security of Your Site

Is your business having challenges trying to prevent unauthorized access while still allowing your users to have access to the site’s information? Are you tired of the traditional static passwords which you keep changing now and then? If this is your case, you really require strong multi factor authentication services from Acenseo. Installing this particular authentication solution will always ensure  that your site remains safe while still allowing your users to conveniently access the site at any place and at any time, the software and hardware security experts from Acenseo will provide you with all the support you will need thus allowing you to concentrate on other key area of your business.

How it works

Once you determine the security challenges of your site, Acenseo will send its experts to work over the problem. If you prefer phone factor authentication that allow users to receive confirmation passwords through a text message, then the experts will design a two factor authentication mobile that will match well with your needs. With a phone factor method you will have to give your mobile phone number so that you will always have your confirmation passwords sent to your phone. In order to authenticate, you will have to reply the message with a given pass code.


With a phone factor authentication, it becomes easy to configure or allow users to choose between an SMS text message, a voice call or a mobile application authentication. Users will only have to select the convenient method during enrollment or at any given time from the user portal. Using a multi – factor authentication allows you to have a multiple out of band methods that you can choose from. These may include SMS text messages, phone calls or the push options. A phone factor provides the users with a more flexible authentication service and a manageable single multi platform for the IT department.


 You do not have to worry about the security of your information once again, contact Acenseo information security experts and get the best authentication programs including a special two factor authentication mobile. With this, you can confidently concentrate on other key areas that will make your business profitable.

Two Factor Authentication Solutions – Let Your Site Remain Secure

Having two factor authentication solutions in your site may be one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure that your site remains secure while still allowing all you users to gain access to information anywhere and at any time. If you are faced with a security challenge of securing or your information assets or you just want to replace the old static passwords, then you would better contact an authentication expert .Acenseo will install strong security software that will ensure that your site is always secure.


If you are prefer using a special SMS authentication from Acenseo, there will be a phone factor expert to ensure that your site is safe from unauthorizedaccess. All you will have to do is to provide you mobile phone number. A onetime set pass code will be sent to your phone through a text message. In order to authenticate the site, you will have to reply with a given password. The good thing with the use of a phone to factor authentication is the flexibility. You can easily access your siteanywhere at any time.  You can consider adding another layer of security by adding another different personal identification number. This will require you to always enter the PIN before replying the authentication.
Emergency alerts

With mobile phone two factor authentication solutions, you can always alert the IT department in case an attacker tries to login to your account or even tries to withdraw funds from the account. The system works by sending you an instant alert message that notifies you about the attack. All you have to is reply to the message to the IT department notifying them about the attempted attack.

Support for transaction verification

Another good part about SMS authentication is the provided support for transaction verification. This means that cannot still complete a transaction without the user’s explicit approval.

Cloud Authentication – A Complete Solution To Controlling Access To Your Information Assets

With the rapid changes in the mobile workings and proliferation of the various cloud application, most business find themselves stack on the vital needs of satisfying their stakeholders’ access security. If your business is experience such, do not delay to let Acenseo provide with a strong cloud authentication. Whether you are faced with compliance challenges to static keywords problems, there is always a complete solution form aceseo to allow your staff to access your information assets in the most secure manner. This will allow you to reduce calls to have your passwords reset while still increasing user productivity and associated costs


One of the major features a tokenless authentication from aceseo is the level of flexibility. The company will provide you with a complete cloud solution that will secure access to all your remote application without having to make a large investment or even having your human resources set up and run your own resilient authentication solution. This flexible service will provide you with a onetime password through its special Vasco software, hardware, SIM, SMS among other mobile phone tokens that will ensure that your network is always secure.


Another special feature of a cloud authentication from acenseo is the easy planning for your business. The security service will allow your business to plan for adverse weather conditions, pandemics among other business challenges with a complete portfolio of the continuity options. This will ensure that your user will have a secure access to the corporate resources the way you would want done.


Having a tokenless authentication from Acenseo in your site allows you to remain confident that all the local and remote resources of your business are secure. This also includes security to access through lost handheld services devices and laptops. With a secure site you can now confidently concentrate on other key area of your business