Step Up the Security of your Business Critical Data

Today, we live in a global market where a business just doesn’t have to deal with local competitors, but also competitors from all over the world. The world of business can get pretty ruthless sometimes, with competitors trying to gain an edge utilizing any means necessary. Data theft is one of the most used ways to defeat a company in the market. Your sensitive business information, if leaked, can go on to mean quite some nasty things. More than often, we have seen businesses having to shut down as a result of data theft. Hence the need to secure your business related data should be one of your prime concerns. Here’s a look into some of the solutions available today.

Two Factor Authentication

This is an authentication process that requires the user, trying to access services on a computer or a network, to provide two out of three factors of authentication. This form of authentication is highly effective against phishing and key logging. Since the user has to present two factors for authentication, it is much more effective than the username/password infrastructure. Hence it would be impossible for anyone to break in with just the knowledge of a user id and pin combination.  Token is generally the second factor that has to be presented for authentication, but the latest technology doesn’t even require tokens.

Tokenless Two Factor Authentication

To overcome the limitations of token authentication system, the tokenless authentication was developed. It is easier to deploy and maintain this system. A Smartphone can replace the token and hence provide a highly practical solution. People carry their phones everywhere and hence it would be much easier to implement this security protocol. Look for a security solutions provider who has an SMS system. This way, even Smartphones are not a requirement. Any device that can send an SMS would work for such a setup. Tokenless system is a very effective system that is being used by many organizations all over the world. Search out for a security services provider who can help you install and maintain such innovative solutions for your business.


Hosted 2 Factor Authentication – Choose The Right Company

The rapid changes in technology have made many organizations to have challenges with providing security to their site.  In addition, with the changing demands of an organization’s workforce and the constantly shifting compliance standards, it becomes for point products resolve the issue perfectly. It is advisable that you engage a reputable company which is hosted 2 factor authentication services. A good authentication company such as Acenseo will resolve your security challenges by applying the right mix of technology and services. This will not only allow your information assets o remain secure but will also reduce cost and other severe business risks. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing your authentication company.

Level of expertise

Look for a company that has highly qualified technical specialist and consultants who will work well to reduce the risks within your organization. Consider engaging whose clients can be trusted to provide you with a consistent business value while still retaining independence. Over 60 % of Acenseo employees are qualified technical who will offer you quality tokenlesstwo factor authentication services. The workers are committed to see that the security challenges of your organization are resolved well.


You certainly do not want to risk the information assets in your site. It is therefore, important that you look for a company whose technical specialists are hosted 2 factor authentication. Acenseo is qualified and accredited by many leading technological vendors for their continued assistance in offering security solutions to complex challenging situations. Most of the employees are highly qualified and experienced enough to ensure that the security of your site is not compromised.


Choose a company that is tokenless two factor authentication at very affordable prices.  This will allow you to save much on the costs that you would have otherwise spent in having the human resources department look into the case. With Acenseo consultants and technical, you can confidently concentrate on other key area of your business and let them manage your security issues.

Two Factor Authentication Solutions – Let Your Site Remain Secure

Having two factor authentication solutions in your site may be one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure that your site remains secure while still allowing all you users to gain access to information anywhere and at any time. If you are faced with a security challenge of securing or your information assets or you just want to replace the old static passwords, then you would better contact an authentication expert .Acenseo will install strong security software that will ensure that your site is always secure.


If you are prefer using a special SMS authentication from Acenseo, there will be a phone factor expert to ensure that your site is safe from unauthorizedaccess. All you will have to do is to provide you mobile phone number. A onetime set pass code will be sent to your phone through a text message. In order to authenticate the site, you will have to reply with a given password. The good thing with the use of a phone to factor authentication is the flexibility. You can easily access your siteanywhere at any time.  You can consider adding another layer of security by adding another different personal identification number. This will require you to always enter the PIN before replying the authentication.
Emergency alerts

With mobile phone two factor authentication solutions, you can always alert the IT department in case an attacker tries to login to your account or even tries to withdraw funds from the account. The system works by sending you an instant alert message that notifies you about the attack. All you have to is reply to the message to the IT department notifying them about the attempted attack.

Support for transaction verification

Another good part about SMS authentication is the provided support for transaction verification. This means that cannot still complete a transaction without the user’s explicit approval.

SMS 2 Factor Authentication- Secure Your Networks via Mobile Phone

Providing security to your confidential information is never a hard task again. Acenseo offers you a special SMS 2 factor authentication that will ensure that only authorized users gain access to your network. If you prefer phone texting, then this might be the type of authentication that you might prefer to use. All you have to do is register your cell phone number; the factor will send you a SMS to the number you had registered with. You have to reply to this particular message in order to authenticate.

How it works

One of the key features of phone factor SMS authentication is a 100 % out bound band authentication. This works by sending you a onetime password via an SMS text message to the mobile phone number you registered with. In order to authenticate, you have to reply the text message by a sending your one time password. Since the one time password id sent and confirmed through an SMS text message, the authentication is regarded as completely out of band. This simply means that a strong authentication is provided to your site

Pin security and real time fraud alerts

With an SMS 2 factor authentication, you can simply add another layer of security that requires to always providing a personal identification number when replying to the SMS. This will allow increasing the safety of your site by ensuring that it only the mobile phone can access the site. In cases where an attacker tries to login into your account or transfer funds from your account, the systems automatically sends you a text notifying about the text. Instead of replying with your confirmation password, you should reply with a different code, to report the fraud to the IT department immediately.

Custom messages

Another unique feature about SMS authentication is ability to customize messages from users. You can increase usability with the SMS specific to your company and the home language you use. This will allow you to have a strong authentication of your site.