Security and Control with Hosted Two Factor Authentication Services

Hosted two factor authentication services are meant for improving the levels of security in accessing information from different systems. This service is the best way of curbing the problem of identity thievery which has seen many companies loses very sensitive information. There are several challenges that make it necessary for companies to incorporate this service. These are challenges like mastering of passwords and use of company directories by multiple persons. This does not only minimize the security risks but it is also economical in terms of money and time.


For you to be able to reap true satisfaction in using sms 2 factor authentications the company offering it should be able to provide daily needed support services. There should be a manner of resetting passwords. The other thing to be looked at is the manner in which breach of access is reported, how certificates are to be revoked and the replacement procedure in case anything is damaged. There should not be any backdoors for anyone as this weakens the security system put in place.


With hosted two factor authentication services, one monitoring works for everything else therefore you are able to note what is under utilised, over utilised and what is not being utilised. External users are secure since authentication is delivered in form of mobile texts and emails depending on what they prefer. This enables you to be able to use all the applications you want to depending on the identity given. There are questions that have been asked concerning this method. There are those who believe that a server based authentication system is more secure while others state that the text method is complicated when it comes to use and implementation but looking at figures it is estimated that a high per cent of businesses are going for cloud storage.


For sms 2 factor authentications to be accepted then the users it is intended for should be clearly specified. The hardware and software to be used should also be known. What external and internal user’s access in terms of software and hardware should also be different? This is done to reduce complications that might arise during use.


Step Up the Security of your Business Critical Data

Today, we live in a global market where a business just doesn’t have to deal with local competitors, but also competitors from all over the world. The world of business can get pretty ruthless sometimes, with competitors trying to gain an edge utilizing any means necessary. Data theft is one of the most used ways to defeat a company in the market. Your sensitive business information, if leaked, can go on to mean quite some nasty things. More than often, we have seen businesses having to shut down as a result of data theft. Hence the need to secure your business related data should be one of your prime concerns. Here’s a look into some of the solutions available today.

Two Factor Authentication

This is an authentication process that requires the user, trying to access services on a computer or a network, to provide two out of three factors of authentication. This form of authentication is highly effective against phishing and key logging. Since the user has to present two factors for authentication, it is much more effective than the username/password infrastructure. Hence it would be impossible for anyone to break in with just the knowledge of a user id and pin combination.  Token is generally the second factor that has to be presented for authentication, but the latest technology doesn’t even require tokens.

Tokenless Two Factor Authentication

To overcome the limitations of token authentication system, the tokenless authentication was developed. It is easier to deploy and maintain this system. A Smartphone can replace the token and hence provide a highly practical solution. People carry their phones everywhere and hence it would be much easier to implement this security protocol. Look for a security solutions provider who has an SMS system. This way, even Smartphones are not a requirement. Any device that can send an SMS would work for such a setup. Tokenless system is a very effective system that is being used by many organizations all over the world. Search out for a security services provider who can help you install and maintain such innovative solutions for your business.

SMS Two-Factor Authentication Helps Protect Your Cloud Data

As mobile devices grow in popularity, the true potential of cloud has been revealed. This enables users to have a lot of flexibility in terms running their business at a marginal cost as they no longer need hardware and bulky desktop servers. But security is always the question that bugs most people when they are offered the opportunity to transfer online their important data and files. Cloud authentication is one way to address this problem.

Another level of security

SMS two-factor authentication is a much more secure way to secure your cloud server, as opposed to the token-based authentication which has shown some vulnerability to skilled hackers. But anybody who tells you that they can offer a 100% guarantee is probably lying. Even the Pentagon, with its highest level of security, is hacked every now and then. A breach in security is a combination of a lot of factors, not least of which is someone privy to the information who is willing to sell the secret. Nevertheless, it’s important that you make use of the cloud authentication services in order to provide your data with another layer of security.

Two types of authentication

The cloud authentication password can be sent through the email or the SMS. You might think it’s simple enough but there’s a lot of technology behind that authentication prompt in order to protect online data. The service providers offer server/client protocol to authenticate users trying to log into their accounts.

An example of the cloud authentication process is when you register an email account and you are asked a security question that only you know the answer to. The token authentication or the SMS 2 factor authentication key itself is protected with a personal identification number which makes it harder for other users to log into your account.


Hackers thrive on predictability. When you use a single password for all your accounts such as email, Google+, Facebook, Linkedln or Twitter, you are actually exposing yourself to a lot of risks because hackers can trace the crumbs you leave behind all over the Internet to guess your password. The SMS two-factor authentication will help mitigate these risks.

Fully Managed Authentication Services – Secure Your Sensitive Information

Despite the fact that many business are posed with a security challenge trying to ensure that their site’s information is well protected while still allowing their users to have an easy access to the variety of information in the site, having fully managed authentication services installed in your site will allow you to have a perfect solution to your challenge. Since most  users today have the ability to work independently  through the corporate network, having your site authenticated through quality a cloud computing software will allow your users to have access to the data every time at and at any place.

Cost savings

One of the major benefits of having your site secured via managed 2 factor authentication software is the cost benefits realized by the business. First, you do not have to waste a lot of your time and resources recruiting or hiring a large workforce to take care of all the sensitive information in your site. Second, you can now concentrate on other key areas of your business that will be more profitable to your organization.

Simplicity and manageability

Using fully managed authentication services for your site allows you and all you’re authorized to have an easy time when accessing the site. A tokenless multi-factor authentication allows you and your users to have a platform where they can choose how they want to deliver their authentication services. Whether you are looking for a phone factor authentication   where you have your authentication an SMS text message or other fully managed cloud authentication, Acenseo will have it done for you.



There is a wide range of applications managed 2 factor authentication that your business organization can consider choosing from. If you are text message friendly, you can consider choosing the complimentary SMS based authentications where you will have your entire authentication don through a SMS text message. Soft token applications are also available with the company.

Hosted Authentication Services – Leave Your Security Challenges to Experts

With the rapid changes in technology, it is advisable that you look for a reputable company that offers hosted authentication services. This will allow you to a have an easy time when ensuring that the security of your site’s information is well protected. Do not forget to put a few factors into consideration when hiring your authentication. Look for some major factors such the level of expertise, cost, technology, experience and accredation of the company. These among other factors will allow you to choose the right company to offer you quality authentication services. Here are some of the major benefits that you leap when you hire Acenseo to offer authentication services for your organization.

Level of expertise

When looking for a company 2 factor authentication for your sit, it is always advisable that you deal with a company that has the right level of expertise. Acenseo is a perfectexample of such a company. Over 60 %of the employee in the company are highly trained an experienced to offer quality authentication services that will ensure that the information assets of your site is secure. The experts are well trained to offer you to end to end services that will cover all aspects of information security ranging from the initial scoping, policy planning, implementation, management a high level customer service.


Though cost is not a major factor to consider when choosing an authentication company, Acenseo will offer you quality hosted authentication services at a very affordable price. You do not have to waste time and resources hiring or recruiting new members in your human resources, consider leaving all the security challenges of your site to the experts while you concentrate on other key areas of your business.

Customer care

If you are looking for a reputable authentication company hosted 2 factor authentication services while still offering a high level of customer care, Acenseo will not miss its place at the top of the list. Apart from the 24/7 support management, the staff will always treat you with a lot of respect and respond to your calls quickly.

Two Factor Authentication- Secure Your Site from Unauthorized Access

One of the major challenges facing most business is how to protect their organizations confidential information while still allowing authorized users to have full access to the resources they need any where at anytime. However with a comprehensive two factor authentication from Acenseo the security of businesses confidential information should not be a challenge anymore. The factor authentications options are compliment and will allow you to enhance the security of site while still satisfy the compliance demand of all your users. Therefore, you do not have to worry that your organization has opened its network to a variety of remote users such as citizens, suppliers or even mobile personal. You can easily protect your assists by preventing unauthorized access to your network.


The fully managed services enhance a secure 2 factor authentication service for a wide range of applications within your organization. Whether you are looking for a means to provide an enabling strong authentication for your private site or a way of providing a secure access across your users Acenseo will have a security option for you. Their services allow you to have a greater security compared to the traditional static password by combining something the users knows and something the user posses thus providing a high level of security assurance.


What makes two factor authentication services from Acenseo stand out s the best is that the services are user friendly. That means that your users will not have a hard time trying to gain access to information. The authentication services provide you with a complete subscription option which allows have a strong security through the use of special hardware, soft wares and expertise. With this your site is always secure and your agency will find it easy accessing.


The cost to a have a secure 2 factor authentication service installed in your site is not expensive. In fact you will be amazed by the amount of work will done for just an affordable price. However, price may not be a major factor to consider considering the level of security provided to your network.